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    Depiction of commercial generator connected to remote monitoring application via the PowerCommand Cloud
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  • The Cummins remote monitoring system, the PowerCommand Cloud, allows owners of Cummins brand generators to manage their power systems from any location, at any time. Wherever you are and whenever it’s necessary, you have the ability to connect to your unit through the workstation app. In the workstation you can receive accurate, real-time information on your system status, identify faults, and access critical notifications. Such detailed information gives you the ability to make informed decisions and the remote connection allows you to act upon them. The workstation interface also gives individuals with multiple units the ability to monitor all of those units on a single platform. Back to List

  • As a distributor of Cummins generators we have access to the PowerCommand Cloud and workstation app. Our factory trained team has the ability to monitor all of our clients power systems 24/7 using our desktops, tablets, or phones. We can access any system remotely in order to troubleshoot, improve unit responsiveness, and reduce downtime. This ability allows us to proactively identify and address issues before they cause serious problems. If the problem can not be resolved remotely, a technician will promptly be dispatched to attend to the issue in-person. Back to List

  • Five Star Power Systems is proactive about keeping your power generation system up and running. Through our remote monitoring system, we remain connected to our customers units around the clock, receiving notifications and alerts from any standby generator that’s not functioning as it should be. It is our job to ensure that each unit we monitor is fully operational and capable of providing backup power whenever necessary. If the fault in the system cannot be resolved by troubleshooting through the online workstation, we will schedule a time to check that unit and resolve the matter in-person. Back to List

  • Remote monitoring allows us to ensure your system is operational at all times. Another, often overlooked, benefit is that we become familiar with each of the units we monitor. When we monitor a unit we learn how the unit operates, what to expect from the unit, and what the system needs to reach peak performance. We also receive detailed reports on the unit that provide us with additional details on how to approach our routine maintenance service calls. Back to List

Our remote monitoring service gives customers a worry free experience. We realize the thought of owning a generator without having a technical background, can keep people from acquiring the generator they want or need. Having a generator should provide peace of mind, not disrupt it. That's why we monitor our customers units remotely. We know when the unit isn't operating at an optimal capacity and act to resolve the matter before it becomes a problem. In doing so, we deliver the peace of mind our customers deserve. Learn more about the rest of our services by choosing the service you're most interested in from the selection below.

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