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Preventative Maintenance

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  • In order to keep your system in Five Star shape, we offer routine inspections on your system. We take the headache out of your schedule by coming to your system and ensuring that everything is in working order. Routine inspections are to check up on your system and make that it’s operational when you need it to be. Additionally, incremental inspections save you from large unforeseen repairs. Back to List

  • Just like your car needs oil changes after every few thousand miles, your generator will need certain maintenance services. Putting you on an automatic maintenance schedule takes one more thought off of your plate. Five Star Power Systems will keep and eye on your system and replace crucial components when the time comes. Back to List

  • Five Star Power Systems reviews your generator operations remotely through the Cummins PowerCommand Cloud workstation app. We connect to your unit, assess reports, and troubleshoot as needed. If an issue is uncovered that can not be resolved through our remote monitoring system, a technician will be dispatched to do in-person diagnostics. Back to List

  • We’ve seen everything under the sun when it comes to generator repairs. Five Star Power Systems’ factory certified generator technicians, electricians, and plumbers can repair anything that ails your standby generator. Back to List

Common Cummins Onan Generator Fault Codes

Fault Code Troubleshooting with Five Star

Fault Code 29 - High Battery Voltage

The Cummins User / Owner's Manual lists the possible causes of this fault as: incorrect battery configuration, wire damage, faulty charger, and control. Here we cover how we typically fix this common issue and clear Fault Code 29 by giving our Five Star Power Solution.

The Five Star Power Solution

Whenever we service a generator fault we run full diagnostics to ensure proper identification of the issue at hand. Time and time again we find that the solution to the issue that causes Fault Code 29 is replacing the voltage regulator. With this replacement it is typical for us to get the Cummins 20kw model RS20 and GSBB up and running.

Voltage Regulator Replacement Service - Flat Rate $450

Fault Code 45 - Speed Sense Fault

The Cummins User / Owner's Manual lists the possible causes of this fault as: loads, generator windings, wire connections, and slip ring corrosion. Here we cover the fix that is typically necessary to clear Fault Code 45. our typical Five Star Power Solution.

The Five Star Power Solution

Whenever we service a generator fault we run full diagnostics to ensure proper identification of the issue at hand. In this instance we find the primary cause of the issue causing Fault Code 45 - the speed sense fault - is an issue with the slip ring. Our technicians resolve the error by troubleshooting slip ring faults until we get the voltage to proper levels and get the Cummins 20kw RS20 or GSBB up and running.

Slip Ring Service - Flat Rate $350

Common Generator Maintenance Calls

Five Star Services for Routine Repairs

Battery Charger Replacement

There are some common signs a battery charger needs to be replaced in your standby generator. Battery voltages that read either too high or too low are indicative of a bad charger. Bad battery chargers often lead to frequent battery replacements. If you are repeatedly changing your battery that is a sure sign something could be wrong with your generator's charger. Generator batteries typically last 3-5 years. This is often the culprit if you find yourself replacing the battery more frequently, like every 1-2 years.

Battery Charger Replacement - Flat Rate $450

Contactor Replace in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

If you ever lose power and the power comes back on, but doesn't return to full power , the contactor could be the culprit. Some old contactors were constructed with a plastic hand. That hand slaps down fast when the generator automatically changes over from normal power to generator power or from generator power back to normal power. The switch must occur very quickly to avoid arching. A slow switch will cause pitching on the contacts. Over time the forceful impact will weaken the plastic hand on the contact and the hand can snap. When this occurs a new contact will need to be installed. The new contacts were redesigned with a more durable plastic and stronger rung.

Battery Charger Replacement - Flat Rate $450

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We keep your generator up and running so it's always there when you need it most. Our Preventative Maintenance plan guarantees that.
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