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  • Five Star Power Systems is an authorized dealer of Cummins generators. Cummins Power Systems is one of the most respected brands in the United States due to their remarkable history of dependable products. They have and will continue to develop and produce some of the finest, most durable generators on the market. As an authorized dealer we have direct access to Cummins entire catalogue of standy generators. We can obtain the model generator that fits your particular needs. Whether you are looking to add standby power to your home or business, our team can help you choose the ideal residential or commercial generator. The generator will be delivered to the location of your choice. Back to List

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  • We are not a certified dealer of Generac brand generators, but our business Generac generators for customers and have established a great pipeline to access, deliver, and install Generac units. If you are in the market for a Generac generator, please give us a call. Back to List

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  • Five Star Power Systems gets you the right generator without the fuss. We fit the generator based upon your power consumption needs, whether that's operating your entire home or just vital components within it. We handle ordering the generator, ensuring the shipment is expedited, and delivering the unit directly to the location you desire, whether that's a business, home, or construction site. The convenience of our factory-to-door service alone is hard to beat. Pair that with the fact that you'll be getting the best prices in Maryland and you've got yourself a winning combination. We have dealer prices, cut out the middle men, are power generation experts, and provide unparalleled support from start to finish. Back to List

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  • We sell generators directly to home owners, but not without doing our part upfront and safeguarding their purchase. Home owners will have to tell us the items in their home that they would like to draw power to in the case of a power outage. We then do an analysis, determine the wattage required to power those items, and match the wattage to the power generation capabilities of our generators. We then select the ideal model to adequately handle that electrical load. We order the generator straight from the factory and ensure it is delivered directly to the homeowner's property for installation. Back to List

  • Business owners rely on backup power to protect their business interests, work, and bottom line. We determine the wattage an office space needs to ensure they can remain operational in the event of a power outage. The total wattage requirements are then totaled to determine what unit is needed to supply the proper electrical load. We order the generator straight from the factory and ensure its safe, seamless delivery to the commercial property where it will be installed. Back to List

  • Most of our generators are sold to Maryland electricians. Electricians typically field generator installation requests from their customers. When that happens they contact us with the customer's load requirements and we help choose the unit that best suits the customer's needs. We order the unit and deliver it directly to the installation site. The unit can also be picked up at our shop at the electricians request. Back to List

  • It's not only home owners, business owners, and electricians that reach out to us on a regular basis with power generation needs. Builders also routinely need backup power. New construction and complete renovation projects often call for new or updated backup power systems. In these instances we are a direct line for builders in search of multiple units that can be delivered in a timely fashion. Once an order is placed we will ensure delivery directly to the construction site. Back to List

We provide a quick, easy, and cost effective way for people to purchase a backup generator. Learn more about the other services we provide that make acquiring a generator through us and maintaining that generator, hassle free. Simply choose the service we provide that you're most interested in learning more about and click that service button below.

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