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Welcome to the home of Five Star Power Systems, Power Generation! If you are in the market for a premium generator that can provide ample backup power for your home or business, you've come to the right place. Please take your time to peruse our site. Here you can learn more about us, the services we provide, and how we help customers throughout Maryland find the best generator for their unique needs.

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Five Star Power Systems owner Ken Kloster has been in the standby generator business for over 30 years. Ken knows that in most cases a standby generator is a one time purchase. It's of the utmost importance to him to get you the unit that best fits your needs, install that unit correctly, and provide the appropriate monitoring and maintenance for it to remain operational as long as possible. The full-service operation Mr. Kloster has developed is second to none.

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Who We Are

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  • Our mission is to package an unparalleled knowledge of standby generators, generator installations, and generator maintanance into an outstanding start-to-finish, all-in-one service that can reach commercial and residential consumers throughout Maryland. Back to List

  • Five Star Power Systems is an authorized dealer of Cummins generators. Cummins Power Systems is one of the most respected brands in the world.

    For over 100 years, Cummins has made a name for itself based on the quality, durability, and reliability of it’s equipment. Cummins Power Systems designs and manufactures some of the highest quality generators on the market. They are a global provider of high-speed high-horsepower power generation equipment, including standby and prime power generator sets, alternators, switchgear and other components. Cummins generators are so reliable, in fact, that important public facilities like hospitals and treasured landmarks like the Statue of Liberty rely on Cummins standby power and prime power generators.

    As an authorized dealer we have direct access to Cummins entire catalogue of standy generators. We can obtain the model generator that fits your particular needs. Whether you are looking to add standby power to your home or business, our team can help you choose the ideal residential or commercial generator. That generator will then be delivered directly to the location you specify. Back to List

  • Generac manufactures the widest range of residential, commercial, and industrial generators in the world. Unlike many of its competitors, power generation is Generac’s primary focus. As a result, their liquid propane, natural gas, and diesel fuel generators are backed by fantastic manufacturer support. Millions of people trust their homes and businesses with Generac, and we’re happy to perform full installations and startups. Back to List

  • The generators we sell and install are respected throughout the world, and our full line of service puts their power in your hands. With Five Star’s streamlined service process, we take care of everything from start to finish. Up front, we handle selection, purchase, installation, and start-up. Afterward, we provide further peace of mind with continued remote monitoring and maintenance servicing.

    Our experts have over 30 years of experience working with home and commercial standby generators. With that type of expertise, Five Star Power Systems is the only answer for your power generation needs. Back to List

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Generator installations are no run of the mill electrical installation. To ensure your unit operates appropriately adheres to county codes, and will pass county inspection, look for an experienced team with extensive electrical expertise, and a thorough understanding of natural gas systems, standby unit fuel requirements, and optimal plumbing layouts.

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